Reviews on C&VG (Computer & Video Games) 85+

issue 102

average score
gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
Atomic Robo-Kid SpecialPC Engine1990-0583/10083%
PsychosisPC Engine1990-0583/10083%
The New Zealand StoryMega Drive1990-0594/10094%
Super Real BasketballMega Drive1990-0589/10089%
The New Zealand StoryPC Engine1990-0590/10090%
CurseMega Drive1990-0585/10085%
World GamesMaster System1990-0551/10051%
Space Invaders: Fukkatsu No HiPC Engine1990-0575/10075%
Battle Out RunMaster System1990-0580/10080%
The Colonel's BequestMS-DOS1990-0583/10083%
Castle MasterAtari ST1990-0590/10090%
Cloud KingdomsCommodore 641990-0580/10080%
Cloud KingdomsAtari ST1990-0580/10080%
Cloud KingdomsAmiga OCS1990-0580/10080%
XenomorphAmiga OCS1990-0590/10090%
Player ManagerAtari ST1990-0570/10070%
XenomorphAtari ST1990-0590/10090%
Player ManagerAmiga OCS1990-0572/10072%
ColoradoAmiga OCS1990-0573/10073%
KlaxAtari ST1990-0597/10097%
Jumping Jack'sonAtari ST1990-0581/10081%
TurricanCommodore 641990-0593/10093%
Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O' FunAmstrad CPC1990-0583/10083%
Space RogueAmiga OCS1990-0594/10094%
X-OutCommodore 641990-0588/10088%
Manchester United: The Official Computer GameAtari ST1990-0592/10092%
Ferrari Formula OneCommodore 641990-0536/10036%
ArkanoidZX Spectrum1990-0584/10084%
Italia 1990Amiga OCS1990-0528/10028%
ArkanoidCommodore 641990-0587/10087%
Psycho HopperCommodore 641990-0574/10074%
Psycho HopperZX Spectrum1990-0574/10074%
Arcade Fruit Machine: Cash 'n' GrabZX Spectrum1990-0539/10039%
PlatoonAmstrad CPC1990-0594/10094%
PlatoonZX Spectrum1990-0594/10094%
PlatoonCommodore 641990-0594/10094%
Grand NationalAmiga OCS1990-0579/10079%
Kid GlovesAtari ST1990-0573/10073%
Kid GlovesAmiga OCS1990-0573/10073%
Ski or DieMS-DOS1990-0590/10090%
StarflightCommodore 641990-0584/10084%
Fire and BrimstoneAtari ST1990-0570/10070%
Dynasty WarsAtari ST1990-0585/10085%
Escape from the Planet of the Robot MonstersAmiga OCS1990-0594/10094%
Escape from the Planet of the Robot MonstersAtari ST1990-0594/10094%
HammerfistCommodore 641990-0587/10087%
HammerfistAmiga OCS1990-0588/10088%
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