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issue 17

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gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
Indianapolis 500: The SimulationMS-DOS1990-0293/10093%
CommandoAmiga OCS1990-0271/10071%
CommandoAtari ST1990-0271/10071%
Die HardMS-DOS1990-0286/10086%
Space AceAmiga OCS1990-0282/10082%
The Ninja WarriorsAmiga OCS1990-0294/10094%
Future Wars: Time TravellersAtari ST1990-0290/10090%
Future Wars: Time TravellersAmiga OCS1990-0292/10092%
Fighter BomberAmiga OCS1990-0294/10094%
Fighter BomberAtari ST1990-0294/10094%
Maniac MansionAmiga OCS1990-0299/10099%
Maniac MansionAtari ST1990-0299/10099%
VerminatorAtari ST1990-0261/10061%
Laser SquadAmiga OCS1990-0282/10082%
MindbenderAmiga OCS1990-0269/10069%
DrakkhenAmiga OCS1990-0298/10098%
The Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America in Dr. Doom's Revenge!Amiga OCS1990-0263/10063%
The Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America in Dr. Doom's Revenge!MS-DOS1990-0268/10068%
Gazza's Super SoccerAmiga OCS1990-0268/10068%
Galaxy Force IIAmiga OCS1990-0269/10069%
Galaxy Force IIAtari ST1990-0277/10077%
Snoopy and PeanutsAmiga OCS1990-0275/10075%
Snoopy and PeanutsAtari ST1990-0275/10075%
Ghostbusters IIMS-DOS1990-0294/10094%
OmegaAmiga OCS1990-0290/10090%
Quest for Glory I: So You Want To Be A HeroMS-DOS1990-0291/10091%
Leisure Suit Larry 2Amiga OCS1990-0285/10085%
BorodinoAmiga OCS1990-0285/10085%
Double Dragon II: The RevengeMS-DOS1990-0272/10072%
PrinceAmiga OCS1990-0287/10087%
Eye of HorusMS-DOS1990-0257/10057%
LancasterAmiga OCS1990-0275/10075%
Starglider 2MS-DOS1990-0289/10089%
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