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issue 8

average score
gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
ISS: Incredible Shrinking SphereAmiga OCS1989-0480/10080%
ISS: Incredible Shrinking SphereAtari ST1989-0480/10080%
Legend of the SwordMS-DOS1989-0484/10084%
Roy of the RoversAtari ST1989-0443/10043%
PopulousAmiga OCS1989-0490/10090%
FoFT: Federation of Free TradersAtari ST1989-0444/10044%
BallistixAtari ST1989-0452/10052%
BlasteroidsAmiga OCS1989-0471/10071%
BlasteroidsAtari ST1989-0470/10070%
Cosmic PirateAmiga OCS1989-0482/10082%
Space HarrierAmiga OCS1989-0490/10090%
Dungeon MasterAmiga OCS1989-0498/10098%
Knight GamesMS-DOS1989-0456/10056%
The President is MissingAtari ST1989-0483/10083%
Bad CatMS-DOS1989-0469/10069%
Human Killing MachineAmiga OCS1989-0461/10061%
Grand Prix TennisMS-DOS1989-0461/10061%
Space Quest II: Vohaul's RevengeAmiga OCS1989-0485/10085%
Daley Thompson's Olympic ChallengeMS-DOS1989-0481/10081%
Captain Fizz Meets the Blaster-TronsAmiga OCS1989-0439/10039%
Captain Fizz Meets the Blaster-TronsAtari ST1989-0438/10038%
Pete Rose Pennant FeverMS-DOS1989-0487/10087%
KatakisAmiga OCS1989-0483/10083%
Zany GolfAmiga OCS1989-0484/10084%
Zany GolfAtari ST1989-0483/10083%
Zany GolfMS-DOS1989-0482/10082%
Billiards SimulatorAtari ST1989-0454/10054%
The Games: Winter EditionAtari ST1989-0454/10054%
The Games: Winter EditionAmiga OCS1989-0456/10056%
D.N.A. WarriorAmiga OCS1989-0447/10047%
Street FighterAmiga OCS1989-0498/10098%
Flight Simulator with Torpedo AttackMSX1989-0460/10060%
Sub Battle SimulatorMS-DOS1989-0479/10079%
Techno CopMS-DOS1989-0455/10055%
SilkwormAmiga OCS1989-0486/10086%
SilkwormAtari ST1989-0483/10083%
PrisonAtari ST1989-0458/10058%
PrisonAmiga OCS1989-0470/10070%
Tiger RoadAmiga OCS1989-0446/10046%
Super Hang-OnAmiga OCS1989-0488/10088%
Realm of the TrollsAmiga OCS1989-0447/10047%
Realm of the TrollsAtari ST1989-0443/10043%
Advanced Ski SimulatorAmiga OCS1989-0447/10047%
RoadBlastersAtari ST1989-0440/10040%
Mission ElevatorAtari ST1989-0466/10066%
R-TypeAmiga OCS1989-0490/10090%
Willow: The Computer GameAtari ST1989-0440/10040%
Willow: The Computer GameAmiga OCS1989-0440/10040%
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