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Artist Colony  I-play (I-play)2010iOS
Blend the Boss I-play (I-play)2009iOS
Bubble Town 2 I-play (I-play)2009iOS
Crash Nitro Kart I-Play (I-Play)2004Mobile
Crash Twinsanity I-Play (Vivendi Games)2004Mobile
Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan I-play (Anino Games)2009iOS
Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan  Oberon Media (I-play)2008Windows
Fast & Furious I-play (Firemint)2009iOS
Fast & Furious Adrenaline I-play (I-play)2010iOS
Freecell (Microsoft Freecell)  Microsoft (Microsoft;Oberon Media;I-Play)1995Windows
Hearts (Dame de Pique)  Microsoft (Microsoft;I-Play;Oberon Media)1995Windows
I-play Bowling 3D I-play (Super Happy Fun Fun)2009iOS
Jewel Quest Deluxe I-play (I-play)2009iOS
Jewel Quest II I-play (
Mahjong Titans  Microsoft Game Studios (Microsoft Game Studios;I-Play)2006Windows
Metal Slug M3 (Metal Slug Mobile 3)  I-play (I-play)2007Mobile
Metal Slug Mobile I-Play (SNK Playmore)2004Mobile
Metal Slug Mobile Impact I-Play (SNK Playmore)2005Mobile
Metal Slug STG  I-Play (SNK Playmore)?Mobile
Minesweeper (Démineur)  Microsoft (Microsoft;Oberon Media;I-Play)1995Windows
National Geographic: Herod's Lost Tomb I-play (Lemon Team)2008iOS
Numba I-play (Cobra Mobile)2008iOS
Paradise Quest I-play (I-play)2009iOS
Purble Place  Microsoft Game Studios (Oberon Media;I-Play)2006Windows
Red Bull X-Fighters I-play (Xendex)2009iOS