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1815  Cobra Soft (Cobra Soft)1985Amstrad CPC
1815  Norsoft;Cobra Soft (Norsoft;Cobra Soft)1985Oric
A.T.M (Air Terre Mer;ATM)  Cobra Soft (Cobra Soft)1985Oric
Absurdity  Cobra Soft (Cobra Soft)1985Amstrad CPC
Action Service (Combat Course)  Infogrames;Mindscape (Cobra Soft)1989Amiga
Action Service (Combat Course)  Infogrames;Mindscape (Cobra Soft)1988Atari ST
Action Service (Combat Course)  Infogrames (Cobra Soft)1989Amstrad CPC
Action Service (Combat Course)  Infogrames;Mindscape (CobraSoft)1989C64
Action Service (Combat Course)  Infogrames;Mindscape (Cobra Soft)1989MS-DOS
Amstra'dames (Amstra-Dames)  Cobra Soft (Cobra Soft)1985Amstrad CPC
Amstra'dames (Amstra-Dames) Cobra Soft (Cobra Soft)?Amstrad PCW
Arcadie: Inferno Cobra Soft (Cobra Soft)1985Oric
Atlantis  Cobra Soft (Cobra Soft)1985Amstrad CPC
Atlantis: Cité Engloutie (Atlantis)  Cobra Soft (Cobra Soft)1985Oric
Balloon Raid Cobra Soft1988C64
Cessna over Moscow (Cessиa фver Moskow)  Cobra Soft;Hi-Tech (Cobra Soft;Hi-Tech)1987Amstrad CPC
Challenger Reversi Cobra Soft1985Amstrad CPC
Challenger Reversi (Challenger) Cobra Soft (Cobra Soft)1985MSX
Cobra  Cobra Soft (Cobra Soft)1985Amstrad CPC
Cobra Pinball  Cobra Soft (Cobra Soft)1985Amstrad CPC
Cobra Pinball  Cobra Soft (Cobra Soft)1985Oric
Dames 3D Champion  Cobra Soft (Cobra Soft)1987Amstrad CPC
Dames 3D Champion Cobra Soft (Cobra Soft)1987Atari ST
Dames Grand-Maître Cobra Soft (Cobra Soft)1988Atari ST
Dames Grand-Maître Cobra Soft (Cobra Soft)1988Amiga