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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Tandy (Tandy)1983Tandy Coco
A Mazing World of Malcom Mortar (Malcom Mortar)  Tandy (ZCT Systems Group;Gamestar)1987Tandy Coco
Alphabet Zoo Tandy (Spinnaker Software Corporation)1984Tandy Coco
Androne Tandy (Tandy)1983Tandy Coco
Arkenoid (Arkanoid) Tandy (Tandy)1987Tandy Coco
Atom Tandy (Tandy)1983Tandy Coco
Aust-Quiz Tandy (Tandy)?Tandy Coco
Backgammon Tandy (Tandy)1977TRS-80
Bagasaurus Tandy (Children's Computer Workshop)1983Tandy Coco
Bedlam Tandy (Tandy)1982Tandy Coco
Big Bird's Special Delivery Tandy (Children's Computer Workshop)?Tandy Coco
Bingo Math Tandy;Radio Shack (The Image Producers)1980Tandy Coco
Biosphere  Tandy (Tandy)1986Tandy Coco
Blackjack Tandy (Tandy)1977TRS-80
Bridge Tutor Tandy;Radio Shack (Philidor Software)1982Tandy Coco
Bustout  Tandy (Tandy)1981Tandy Coco
Canyon Climber Tandy (Datasoft)1982Tandy Coco
Card Games Tandy (Tandy)?Tandy Coco
Castle Guard Tandy (The Image Producers)1982Tandy Coco
Castle of Tharoggad Tandy (Computerware)1988Tandy Coco
Cave Walker Tandy (Spectral Associates)1986Tandy Coco
Championship Football II (GFL Championship Football II) Tandy;Radio Shack (Gamestar;ZCT Systems Group)1988Tandy Coco
Chess (Microchess) Tandy;Personal Software (Micro-Ware)1980Tandy Coco
Child's Place (Childpace) Tandy (Computerose)?Tandy Coco
Clowns & Balloons DataSoft;Tandy (DataSoft)1982Tandy Coco