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9.03m  Space Budgie (Space Budgie)2013Windows
Alien Shooter (Invasion Earth)  Big Fish Games;Sigma Team (Sigma Team)2002Windows
Alien Shooter: Fight For Life  Sigma Team (Sigma Team)2004Windows
Alien Shooter: The Experiment  Sigma Team (Sigma Team)2004Windows
APB: All Points Bulletin(APB Reloaded)  Webzen;EA Partners (Realtime Worlds;Reloaded Productions)2010Windows
ATV Mudracer (ATV Mudracing;Мото-вездеход 4х4)  Xing Interactive (Team6 Game Studios)2004Windows
Battleship  SimoneSystems Software (SimoneSystems Software)1991MS-DOS
Burger Bustle  Sulus Games (Sulus Games)2010Windows
Crazy Taxi  Sega (AM3)1999Arcade
Crazy Taxi  Acclaim (Sega)2001GameCube
Crazy Taxi Activision (Hitmaker)2002Windows
Crazy Taxi  Acclaim (Sega;Acclaim)2001PS2
Crazy Taxi (クレイジータクシー)  Sega (AM3)2000Dreamcast
Crazy Taxi 2  Sega (Hitmaker)2001Dreamcast
Crime Scene: Manhattan (Vice City Manhattan; Банды Нью-Йорка)  Rondomedia (Blimb;Team6 Game Studios)2003Windows
Fahr-Simulator 2009 (Driving Simulator 2009)  astragon (Lightrock Entertainment)2008Windows
Fatal Racing (Whiplash)  Gremlin Graphics (Gremlin Graphics)1995MS-DOS
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers (Gabriel Knight I;狩魔猎人;Gabriel Knight: Die Sünden der Väter;Gabriel Knight: Les pêchés des ancêtres;Gabriel Knight: Pecados dos Pais;Gabriel Knight: Lucha Contra Las Fuerzas Sobrenaturales;גבריאל: זיכרונות אפלים;Gabriel  Sierra On-Line (Sierra On-Line)1993MS-DOS
Grand Theft Auto (GTA)  ? (DMA Design)1997MS-DOS
Half-Life (HL;Half Life;半条命;ハーフライフ;Half-Life: Source/Half-Life Deathmatch: Source)  Sierra On-Line (Valve)1998Windows
Legend of Grimrock  Almost Human Games (Almost Human Games)2012Windows
London Taxi (Taxi Challenge London; Der Taxi-Racer in London; Extreme Taxi: London; Taxi Madness London)  Hemming (Blimb;Team6 Game Studios)2002Windows
Lure of the Temptress  Virgin Interactive (Revolution Software)1992MS-DOS
Luxor  MumboJumbo (MumboJumbo)2005Windows
Mafia  Gathering of Developers;Take 2 Interactive (Illusion Softworks)2002Windows