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APB: All Points Bulletin(APB Reloaded)  Webzen;EA Partners (Realtime Worlds;Reloaded Productions)2010Windows
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers (Gabriel Knight I;狩魔猎人;Gabriel Knight: Die Sünden der Väter;Gabriel Knight: Les pêchés des ancêtres;Gabriel Knight: Pecados dos Pais;Gabriel Knight: Lucha Contra Las Fuerzas Sobrenaturales;גבריאל: זיכרונות אפלים;Gabriel  Sierra On-Line (Sierra On-Line)1993MS-DOS
Minecraft  Mojang (Mojang)2011Windows
Nicky Boom Microïds (Microïds)1992MS-DOS
Sleeping Dogs (True Crime: Hong Kong)  Square Enix;Namco Bandai (United Front Games;Square Enix London)2012Windows