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3D Pool (Sharkey's 3D Pool;Maltese Joe's 3D Pool Challenge)  Firebird (Firebird)1989ZX Spectrum
3D Pool (Sharkey's 3D Pool;Maltese Joe's 3D Pool Challenge)  MicroPlay Software (Designer Software)1990MS-DOS
3D Pool (Sharkey's 3D Pool;Maltese Joe's 3D Pool)  Firebird;MicroPlay Software (Aardvark Software)1989Amiga
8 Ball (8 Ball Pool)  Michtron (Michtron)1986Atari ST
8 Killer 3D Pool  ZOO Digital Publishing;DSI Games (Gravity~I)2005GBA
8-Ball Anteco Software (Anteco Software)1983Tandy Coco
Arcade Pool  Team17 (Team17)1994Amiga AGA
Bankshot Billiards 2  pixelStorm (pixelStorm)2005X360
Billard Américain Virgin Games (Virgin Games)1992Amiga
Billard Américain Virgin Games (Virgin Games)1992Atari ST
Billard Américain Virgin Games (Virgin Games)1993MS-DOS
Billiard (Billiard King)  DigiCube (DigiCube)2002PS
Billiard (スーパープライスシリーズ『ビリヤード』)  Serene (Serene)2001PS
Break Time: The National Pool Tour  FCI (Opera House)1993NES
Champion Billiards (チャンピオンビリヤード;Champion Billiard)  Sega (Sega)1986SG-1000
Championship Pool  Mindscape (Bitmasters)1993NES
Colour Billiards SoftStream International (The Reed Institute)1987Mac OS Classic
Family Billiards (ファミリービリヤード)  Pack-in-Video (Pack-in-Video)1987MSX2
FooBillard  author (author)2004Linux
FooBillard ? (?)2004BeOS
gnome-8ball author (author)?Linux
GtkPool  author (author)?Linux
Hardcore Pool  Neko Entertainment (Frontline Studios)2004GBA
Hustler Godax;Hi-Tek (Bubble Bus)1989Atari ST
Jimmy White's Cue Ball 2 (Jimmy White's Cueball 2;Jimmy White's 2 Cueball)  BAM! Entertainment (Awesome Developments)2000PS