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Areena 4  author (author)?Windows
Areena 5  author (author)2000Windows
Areena III (Areena 3)  author (author)1996Win3.1
Arena II - The Final Fight For Freedom (Areena 2)  author (author)1995Win3.1
Black & White 2 (Black and White 2;黑与白2)  Electronic Arts (Lionhead Studios)2005Windows
Carcassonne  Sierra Online (Sierra Online)2007Nintendo DS
Crusader Kings II (Crusader Kings 2)  Paradox Interactive (Paradox Interactive)2012Windows
Cute Knight (Cute Knight Deluxe)  iWin;Hanako Games (Hanako Games)2006Windows
Cute Knight (Cute Knight Deluxe) Hanako Games (Hanako Games)2006Mac OS X
Cute Knight (Cute Knight Deluxe) Hanako Games (Hanako Games)2006Linux
Dungeons of the Unforgiven (Moraff's Dungeons of the Unforgiven)  MoraffWare (MoraffWare)1993MS-DOS
Fable  Microsoft (Lionhead Studios;Big Blue Box Studios)2004Xbox
Fable Anniversary Microsoft (Lionhead Studios)2014Windows
Fable Anniversary  Microsoft (Lionhead Studios)2014X360
Fable: The Lost Chapter  Microsoft (Lionhead Studios)2005Windows
Fable: The Lost Chapters  Microsoft (Lionhead Studios;Big Blue Box Studios)2005Xbox
Faery Tale Online Flysoft (Flysoft)2009Internet Only
Hero Generations  Heart Shaped Games (Heart Shaped Games)2015Linux
Hero Generations  Heart Shaped Games (Heart Shaped Games)2015Windows
Hero Generations Heart Shaped Games (Heart Shaped Games)2015Mac OS X
Hero Generations: ReGen Heart Shaped Games (Heart Shaped Games)2016Linux
King's Quest (King's Quest: Rubble Without a Cause;King's Quest IX;King's Quest 9) Sierra (The Odd Gentlemen)2015Windows
Life in Bunker Flox Studios (Flox Studios)2016Windows
Life in Bunker Flox Studios (Flox Studios)2016Mac OS X
Life in Bunker Flox Studios (Flox Studios)2016Linux