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Chewy: Escape from F5 Blue Byte (Blue Byte)1995MS-DOS
Earth 2150 (Earth 2150: Escape from the Blue Planet)  Topware Interactive (Reality Pump Studios)2000Windows
Hamilton's Great Adventure  Fatshark (Fatshark)2011Windows
Hamilton's Great Adventure Fatshark (Fatshark)2011PS3
Pirated Pirates RioMonster Games (RioMonster Games)2014Linux
The Amazon Trail MECC;The Learning Company (The Learning Company)1994Mac OS Classic
The Amazon Trail The Learning Company;MECC (The Learning Company)1994Win3.1
The Amazon Trail MECC (MECC)1993MS-DOS
The Amazon Trail The Learning Company;MECC (The Learning Company)1996Windows
The Amazon Trail II MECC (MECC)1996Mac OS Classic
The Amazon Trail II MECC (MECC)1996Win3.1
The Amazon Trail II MECC (MECC)1996Windows