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ARK: Survival Evolved  Studio Wildcard (Studio Wildcard)2017Windows
BlockWars  Sirius Applications (Sirius Applications)2013Linux
Cataclysm (Cataclysm:DDA;Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead) author (author)2010Windows
Contested Space  Contested Space Corporation (Contested Space Corporation)2014Linux
Craft The World  Black Maple Games (Dekovir Entertainment )2014Windows
Dark Cloud 2 (ダーククロニクル;Dark Chronicle)  Sony Computer Entertainment (Level-5)2003PS2
Dungeon Keeper  Electronic Arts (Bullfrog Productions)1997MS-DOS
Dungeon Keeper Electronic Arts (Bullfrog Productions)2012Mac OS X
Dungeon Keeper (OpenDK;Open Dungeon Keeper) author (author)?Linux
Dungeon Keeper (ダンジョンキーパー)  Electronic Arts (Bullfrog Productions)1997Windows
Dungeon Keeper 2 (OpenDK;Open Dungeon Keeper) author (author)?Linux
Dungeon Keeper 2 (ダンジョンキーパー2)  Electronic Arts (Bullfrog)1999Windows
Dungeons  Kalypso Media Digital (Realmforge Studios)2011Windows
Dungeons II (Dungeons 2) Kalypso Media Digital (Realmforge Studios)2015Linux
Dungeons II (Dungeons 2)  Kalypso Media Digital (Realmforge Studios)2015Windows
Dungeons II (Dungeons 2) Kalypso Media Digital (Realmforge Studios)2015Mac OS X
Dungeons II: A Chance of Dragons (Dungeons 2: A Chance of Dragons) Kalypso Media Digital (Realmforge Studios)2016Linux
Dungeons II: A Clash of Pumpkins (Dungeons 2: A Clash of Pumpkins) Kalypso Media Digital (Realmforge Studios)2016Linux
Dungeons II: A Game of Winter (Dungeons 2: A Game of Winter) Kalypso Media Digital (Realmforge Studios)2015Linux
Dungeons II: A Song of Sand and Fire (Dungeons 2: A Song of Sand and Fire) Kalypso Media Digital (Realmforge Studios)2016Linux
Dungeons III (Dungeons 3) Kalypso Media Digital (Realmforge Studios)2017Linux
DwarfCorp Completely Fair Games (Completely Fair Games)2019Linux
DwarfCorp Completely Fair Games (Completely Fair Games)2019Windows
DwarfCorp Completely Fair Games (Completely Fair Games)2019Mac OS X
Evil Genius  Sierra Entertainment;Rebellion (Elixir Studios)2004Windows