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Angler Dangler (Fishing)  Data East (Data East)1982Arcade
Astro Fantasia  Data East (Data East)1981Arcade
Boulder Dash  Data East (Data East)1985Arcade
Bump 'n Jump (Burnin' Rubber)  Data East;Bally Midway (Data East;Bally Midway)1982Arcade
Cluster Buster (Graplop)  Data East (Data East)1983Arcade
Disco Number One (Disco No 1; Sweet Heart)  Data East (Data East)1982Arcade
Explorer  Data East1982Arcade
Fighting Ice Hockey  Data East (Data East)1984Arcade
Flying Ball  Data East (Data East)1985Arcade
Genesis  Data East (Data East)1984Arcade
Hello Gate Ball ? (?)1984Arcade
Highway Chase  Data East (Data East)1980Arcade
Lock 'n' Chase  Data East;Taito (Data East)1981Arcade
Lucky Poker  Data East (Data East)1981Arcade
Mission X  Data East (Data East)1982Arcade
Night Star  Data East (Data East)1983Arcade
Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory  Data East (Data East)1984Arcade
Pro Bowling  Data East (Data East)1983Arcade
Pro Golf  Data East (Data East)1982Arcade
Pro Soccer  Data East (Nihon Bussan;AV Japan)1983Arcade
Pro Tennis  Data East (Data East)1982Arcade
Rootin' Tootin' (La.Pa.Pa)  Data East (Data East)1983Arcade
Scrum Try  Data East (Data East)1984Arcade
Super Astro Fighter  Data East (Data East)1982Arcade
Terranean  Data East (Data East)1980Arcade