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8BitBoy  Awesome Blade Software (Awesome Blade Software)2012Linux
A Boy and His Cursor  author (author)2013Linux
A Short and Simple Platformer (Simple Platformer)  author (author)2014Linux
Aaru's Awakening Lumenox (Lumenox)2015Linux
Aaru's Awakening  Lumenox (Lumenox)2015Windows
Aaru's Awakening Lumenox (Lumenox)2015Mac OS X
Akane the Kunoichi Haruneko (Haruneko)TBA Linux
Akane the Kunoichi Haruneko Entertainment (Haruneko Entertainment )2011X360
Akane the Kunoichi Haruneko Entertainment (Haruneko Entertainment)2012WinCE
Akane the Kunoichi Haruneko Entertainment (Haruneko Entertainment)2012iOS
Akane the Kunoichi  Haruneko Entertainment (Haruneko Entertainment)2014Windows
Alien Spidy  Kalypso Media Digital (Enigma SP)2013Windows
Alien Spidy Kalypso Media Digital (Enigma SP)2013Mac OS X
Alien Spidy  Kalypso Media Digital (Enigma SP)2013X360
Alphaland ? (?)?Flash
And Yet It Moves  Broken Rules (Broken Rules)2009Windows
Antichamber  Demruth (author)2013Windows
Arkedo Series - 001 JUMP !  Microsoft (Arkedo Studio)2009X360
Arkedo Series - 001 JUMP !  Sanuk Games (Arkedo Studio)2011PS3
B.A.L.L.Z. (ballz)  Darkbits (Darkbits)2007Linux
B.A.L.L.Z. (ballz) Darkbits (Darkbits)2007BSD
Bad Bots  Digital Tribe (Point 5 Projects)2013Windows
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance  Interplay Entertainment (Snowblind Studios)2001PS2
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance  Interplay (Snowblind Studios)2002Xbox
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance)  Interplay (Snowblind Studios)2002GameCube