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007: The Living Daylights (James Bond 007 in The Living Daylights: The Computer Game)  Domark (Walking Circles)1987Amstrad PCW
12 is Better Than 6 Ink Stains Games;Pinkapp Games (Ink Stains Games)2015Linux
12 is Better Than 6  HypeTrain Digital (Ink Stains Games)2015Windows
1213 (Twelve Thirteen;1213 Episode 1)  author (author)2005Windows
25 to Life  Eidos (Avalanche;Ritual Entertainment)2006PS2
3059 author (author)2011Linux
3069 author (author)2011Linux
3079 (3079 Blocky Action RPG) Phr00t Software (Phr00t Software)2012Linux
3079 (3079 Blocky Action RPG)  Phr00t Software (Phr00t Software)2012Windows
3079 (3079 Blocky Action RPG) Phr00t Software (Phr00t Software)2012Mac OS X
3089 Phr00t Software (Phr00t Software)2013Linux
3089  Phr00t Software (Phr00t Software)2013Windows
3089 Phr00t Software (Phr00t Software)2013Mac OS X
3D Hunting Extreme ManMachine Games (Macmillan Software)2000Windows
4089: Ghost Within Phr00t Software (Phr00t Software)2015Linux
4089: Ghost Within Phr00t Software (Phr00t Software)?Mac OS X
5.56mm Full Metal Jacket Scared Pixel Studios (Scared Pixel Studios)?Linux
5089 Phr00t Software (Phr00t Software)2016Linux
7 Days To Die  The Fun Pimps (The Fun Pimps )TBA Windows
7 Days To Die The Fun Pimps (The Fun Pimps)TBA Linux
A Farewell to Dragons 1C Company (Arise;KranX Productions)2009Windows
A Mass of Dead Dev Arc (Dev Arc)2013Linux
Abyss Odyssey  ATLUS (ACE Team)2014Windows
Ace of Spades Jagex Group (Jagex Group)2012Linux
Ace of Spades  Jagex Group (Jagex Group)2012Windows