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Caster  Elecorn (Elecorn)2009Windows
Caster  Elecorn (Elecorn)2009Mac OS X
Caster My Game Company;Elecorn (Elecorn)2009Linux
Caster Elecorn (Elecorn)?Pandora
Eldritch  Minor Key Games (Minor Key Games)2013Windows
Eldritch Minor Key Games (Minor Key Games)2013Linux
Eldritch Minor Key Games (Minor Key Games)2013Mac OS X
Eschalon: Book II  Basilisk Games (Basilisk Games)2010Windows
Eschalon: Book II  Basilisk Games (Basilisk Games)2010Mac OS X
Eschalon: Book II (Eschalon: Book II: Secret of Fathamurk)  My Game Company;Basilisk Games (Basilisk Games)2010Linux
FTL: Faster Than Light Subset Games (Subset Games)2012Linux
FTL: Faster Than Light  Subset Games (Subset Games)2012Windows
FTL: Faster Than Light Subset Games (Subset Games)2012Mac OS X
Sanctum  Coffee Stain Studios;Lace Mamba (Coffee Stain Studios)2011Windows
Super Distro Horizons (Distro Horizons Vs. Galaximo's Army) Kitatus Studios (Kitatus Studios)TBA Linux
Terraria  Re-Logic;Headup Games (Re-Logic)2011Windows
Terraria author (Re-Logic)2015Linux
The Witcher (The Witcher: Enhanced Edition;Wiedźmin;Zaklínač)  Atari;CD Projekt (CD Projekt RED)2007Windows
The Witcher (The Witcher: Enhanced Edition;Zaklínač;Wiedźmin)  CD Projekt (CD Projekt RED)2012Mac OS X
Wargame: AirLand Battle (Wargame AirLand Battle) Eugen Systems (Eugen Systems)2014Linux
Wargame: European Escalation  Focus Home Interactive (Eugen Systems)2012Windows
Wargame: European Escalation Eugen Systems (Eugen Systems)2013Linux
Wargame: European Escalation Focus Home Interactive (Eugen Systems)2012Mac OS X