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A Game of Dwarves  Paradox Interactive (Zeal Game Studio)2012Windows
Actraiser  Glu Mobile;Square;Quintet (Glu Mobile)2003Mobile
ActRaiser (アクトレイザー)  Enix (Quintet)1990SNES
ActRaiser 2 (ActRaiser 2: Chinmoku e no Seisen;アクトレイザー2 沈黙への聖戦)  Enix (Quintet)1993SNES
Afterlife (Afterlife: Chaos im Jenseits)  LucasArts (LucasArts)1996Windows
Afterlife (Afterlife: Chaos im Jenseits)  LucasArts (LucasArts)1996MS-DOS
Afterlife (Afterlife: Chaos im Jenseits) LucasArts (LucasArts)1996Mac OS Classic
Afterlife (Afterlife: Chaos im Jenseits) LucasArts (LucasArts)2015Linux
Black & White (Black and White;BnW;B&W;BW)  Electronic Arts (Lionhead Studios)2001Windows
Black & White (Black and White;BnW;B&W;BW) Electronic Arts (Lionhead Studios)2001Mac OS Classic
Black & White (Black and White;BnW;B&W;BW) Feral (Feral)2002Mac OS X
Black & White 2 (Black and White 2;黑与白2)  Electronic Arts (Lionhead Studios)2005Windows
Black & White 2: Battle of the Gods (Black and White 2: Battle of the Gods;黑与白2:众神之战)  Electronic Arts (Lionhead Studios)2006Windows
Black and White  Lionhead Studios (Lionhead Studios)?Linux
Care&Control (Care & Control;CareandControl;Care and Control) author (author)2014Linux
Creatures ? (Millennium Interactive)1996Windows
Creatures 2 Mindscape (Cyberlife)1998Windows
Creatures 3  Mindscape Entertainment (Creature Labs)1999Windows
Creatures 3 Linux Game Publishing (Creature Labs)1999Linux
CuteGod Moonfire Games (Moonfire Games)?Linux
Doshin the Giant (巨人のドシン;Kyojin no Doshin)  Nintendo (Param)2002GameCube
Dungeon Keeper  Electronic Arts (Bullfrog Productions)1997MS-DOS
Dungeon Keeper Electronic Arts (Bullfrog Productions)2012Mac OS X
Dungeon Keeper (OpenDK;Open Dungeon Keeper) author (author)?Linux
Dungeon Keeper (ダンジョンキーパー)  Electronic Arts (Bullfrog Productions)1997Windows