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Argus  Gottlieb (Gottlieb)1984Arcade
Cobra Command  Data East (Data East)1984Arcade
Curve Ball  Mylstar (Mylstar)1984Arcade
Faster Harder More Challenging Q*bert  Mylstar (Mylstar)1983Arcade
Insector  Gottlieb (Gottlieb)1982Arcade
Knightmare  Gottlieb (Gottlieb)1983Arcade
Krull  Gottlieb (Gottlieb)1983Arcade
M.A.C.H. 3 (MACH 3)  Mylstar (Mylstar)1983Arcade
Mad Planets  Gottlieb (Gottlieb)1983Arcade
Q*bert (@!#[email protected]!;Snots & Boogers;QBert)  Gottlieb (Gottlieb)1982Arcade
Q*Bert's Qubes  Mylstar (Mylstar)1983Arcade
Reactor  Gottlieb1982Arcade
Screw Loose  Mylstar (Mylstar)1983Arcade
Three Stooges  Mylstar (Mylstar)1984Arcade
TYLZ  Mylstar (Mylstar)1984Arcade
Us Vs. Them  Mylstar (Mylstar)1984Arcade
Video Vince and the Game Factory  Mylstar (Mylstar)1984Arcade
Wiz Warz  Mylstar (Mylstar)1984Arcade