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Airscape: Fall of Gravity Cross-Product (Cross-Product)2015Linux
Airscape: Fall of Gravity Cross-Product (Cross-Product)2015Mac OS X
Airscape: Fall of Gravity (Airscape: The Fall of Gravity) Cross-Product (Cross-Product)2015Windows
FLaiL  - (-)2008Windows
Gravity Rush (Gravity Daze;グラヴィティデイズ)  Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE Japan Studio;Project Siren)2012PS Vita
Gravity Rush 2 (Gravity Daze 2;グラヴィティデイズ2) Sony Interactive Entertainment (Project Siren;SIE Japan Studio)2017PS4
Gravity Rush Remastered (Gravity Daze;グラヴィティデイズ)  Sony Computer Entertainment (Bluepoint Games)2015PS4
Inverto Gravity Box Studio (Gravity Box Studio)2014Linux
Rochard  Recoil Games (Recoil Games)2011Windows
Rochard Recoil Games (Recoil Games)2011Mac OS X
Rochard  Sony Computer Entertainment (Recoil Games)2011PS3
Rochard Recoil Games (Recoil Games)2012Linux
Rochard: Hard Times Recoil Games (Recoil Games)2012Linux
Sphorce author (author)2014Linux
SubTerra 2 Spiderweb Software (Crystal Shard)2006Linux
Vertigo  author (author)2013Linux
VVVVVV  Distractionware (Distractionware)2010Windows
VVVVVV Distractionware (Distractionware)2010Mac OS X
VVVVVV  Distractionware (Distractionware)2011Linux
VVVVVV ? (?)?Pandora