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1813 (1813: Völkerschlacht bei Leipzig;Napoléon 1813) Empire Interactive (Empire Interactive)1999Windows
1830 (1830: Railroads & Robber Barons)  Avalon Hill (SimTex)1993MS-DOS
8 Kingdoms  8K Team (8K Team)2006Windows
8 Kingdoms (8kingdoms)  8K Team (8K Team)2006Linux
A Day In The Woods RetroEpic Software (RetroEpic Software)2016Linux
A Game of Changes author (author)2016Linux
aba_Be_lone BeBits (BeBits)2000BeOS
Abalone author (author)1995NeXT
Abalone ? (?)2000BeOS
Abelone BeBits (BeBits)2000BeOS
Advanced Daisenryaku - Deutch Dengeki Sakusen (Advanced Military Commander;アドバンスド大戦略 ドイツ電撃作戦;Advanced Daisenryaku)  Sega (Sega;System Soft)1991Mega Drive
Advanced Strategic Command (ASC)  author (author)2000Linux
Advanced Strategic Command (ASC)  ? (?)2001Windows
Advanced Strategic Command (ASC)  ? (?)2008Mac OS X
Advanced Strategic Command (ASC) author (author)2000BeOS
Advanced Strategic Command (ASC) ? (?)2001BSD
Advanced Strategic Command (ASC) author (author)?Pandora
AdvGodOfMiniWars author (author)?Linux
Age of Booty Capcom (Certain Affinity)2009Windows
Age of Booty  Capcom (Certain Affinity)2008X360
Age of Booty Capcom (Certain Affinity)2008PS3
Age of Heroes Qplaze (Nomoc)?Linux
Age of Rifles  SSI (SSI)1996MS-DOS
Age of Wonders  Take 2 Interactive;Gathering of Developers (Triumph Studios;Epic MegaGames)1999Windows
Age of Wonders II: The Wizard's Throne (Age of Wonders 2)  Gathering of Developers;Take 2 Interactive (Triumph Studios)2002Windows