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1st Quest Revamp (1st Quest Remake)  author (author)2002Linux
Alphaland ? (?)?Flash
An Ordinary Quest  author (author)2008Linux
ANIMAC (ANIMAC: American Neutral Investigators' Mapierian Anticomplex) author (author)1991MS-DOS
Barbarians and the Necromancer's Tower author (author)2014Linux
Battle Kid 2: Mountain of Torment  RetroZone (Sivak Games)2012NES
Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril  RetroZone (Sivak Games)2009NES
Blagger (Blagger MSX)  Alligata;Micro Cabin (Alligata;Micro Cabin)1984MSX
Book & Volume (Book and Volume) Manifesto Games (Manifesto Games)2005Linux
Bucky O'Hare (バッキー オヘア)  Konami;Palcom (Konami)1992NES
Bullet Heaven 2 Matt Roszak (Matt Roszak)2015Windows
Championship Lode Runner (チャンピオンシップロードランナー)  Hudson Soft (Hudson Soft)1985NES
Cloudberry Kingdom Pwnee Studios (Pwnee Studios)2014Linux
DEADBOLT Hopoo Games (Hopoo Games)2016Linux
Deadly Towers (魔鐘;Mashō;Mashou;Hell's Bells)  Brøderbund;Irem (Lenar)1986NES
Don't Move STVR (STVR)2014Linux
Don't Move  STVR (STVR)2014Windows
DROD RPG: Tendry's Tale (Deadly Rooms of Death RPG: Tendry's Tale) Caravel Games (Caravel Games)2016Windows
Dungeon Link  author (author)2012Linux
Eryi's Action (エリィのアクション;Eryi no Action)  Nyu Media (Xtal Sword)2011Windows
Eryi's Action (エリィのアクション;Eryi no Action) Nyu Media (Xtal Sword)2011Linux
exception_conflict (Exception Conflict)  Phantom Entertainment (Phantom Entertainment)2009Linux
Fight the Monsters II (Fight the Monsters 2)  author (author)2013Linux
Fragments of Power  author (author)?Linux
Ganon's Claim  author (author)2005Linux