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1942  Capcom (Capcom)1984Arcade
1942  Capcom (Micronics)1985NES
1942  Elite (Elite)1986ZX Spectrum
1942  ASCII (ASCII)1986MSX
1942  Elite (Elite)1986C64
1942  Elite (Elite)1986Amstrad CPC
1942  ASCII (ASCII)1986MSX2
1942  Ascii (Ascii)1987NEC PC8801
1942  ASCII (ASCII)1987MICRO 7 - FM7
1942  ASCII (ASCII)1987Sharp X1
1942 Capcom (Capcom)?GB
1943: One Year After ('43: One Year After;1943)  American Action;Action Software (Greve Graphics)1987C64
1999  Alternative Software (Alternative Software)1987ZX Spectrum
20 Tons  Spectrum Computing (Spectrum Computing)1985ZX Spectrum
3D Painter  CDS Software (CDS Software)1983ZX Spectrum
42 The Quest for the Rings (Videopac 42;The Quest for the Rings!;42 Speurtocht naar de Ringen;Em Busca dos Aneis Perdidos;La Quête des Anneaux;Quest for the Rings)  Philips;Magnavox;NAP (Philips)1981Odyssey2
8-bit Bayonetta  PlatinumGames (PlatinumGames)2017Windows
Ace of Penguins (ace-of-penguins)  Delorie Software (Delorie Software)1998Linux
Ace of Penguins (ace-of-penguins) Delorie Software (Delorie Software)1998BSD
Ace of Penguins (ace-of-penguins) Delorie Software (Delorie Software)1998Unix
Ace of Penguins (ace-of-penguins) Delorie Software (Delorie Software)1998Unix
Ace of Penguins (ace-of-penguins) Delorie Software (Delorie Software)1998Solaris
Ace Paceman In A Mario Costume (
Acheton ? (?)1978DEC PDP-1
Action Force (Action Force: International Heroes)  Virgin Games;Mastertronic (Gang of Five)1987ZX Spectrum