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1st Quest Revamp (1st Quest Remake)  author (author)2002Linux
2400 A.D. (2400 AD)  Origin (Origin)1987Apple II E
2400 A.D. (2400 AD)  Origin (Origin)1988MS-DOS
3079 (3079 Blocky Action RPG)  Phr00t Software (Phr00t Software)2012Windows
3DC  Hit Pak;Elite (Hit Pak;Elite)1987ZX Spectrum
3DC  Elite;Hit Pak (Elite;Hit Pak)1987Amstrad CPC
5 Days A Stranger (5 Days A Stranger Special Edition)  Fully Ramblomatic (Fully Ramblomatic)2010Linux
7 Mages Napoleon Games (Napoleon Games)2016Linux
80 Days  Inkle Studios (Inkle Studios)2015Windows
A Dark Room  Continuities (Continuities)2015Linux
A Journey Through Time  Psycho Software;neXtreme Games (Psycho Software;neXtreme Games)?Win3.1
A New Beginning (A New Beginning: Odrodzenie) Daedalic Entertainment (Daedalic Entertainment)2010Windows
A Tale in the Desert (ATitD)  eGenesis;Pluribus Games (eGenesis;Pluribus Games)2003Linux
A Tale in the Desert 7 (ATitD 7) eGenesis;Pluribus Games (eGenesis;Pluribus Games)2015Linux
A Tale of Two Kingdoms (ATOTK)  Crystal Shard (Crystal Shard)2007Windows
A Valley Without Wind (AVWW;Alden Ridge)  Arcen Games (Arcen Games)2012Windows
A Valley Without Wind (AVWW;Alden Ridge)  Arcen Games (Arcen Games)2012Mac OS X
A Valley Without Wind (AVWW1) Arcen Games (Arcen Games)2014Linux
A Valley Without Wind 2 (AVWW2) Arcen Games (Arcen Games)2014Linux
Aarklash: Legacy  Cyanide Studio (Cyanide Studio)2013Windows
Abandoned Places: A Time for Heroes (Abandoned Places: Zeit fuer Helden)  Electronic Zoo (ArtGame)1992Amiga
Aberoth  author (author)2013Linux
Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth  Capcom (Capcom)2010Nintendo DS
Actraiser  Glu Mobile;Square;Quintet (Glu Mobile)2003Mobile
ActRaiser (アクトレイザー)  Enix (Quintet)1990SNES