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88 Heroes Rising Star Games (Bitmap Bureau)2017Linux
A Game of Changes author (author)2016Linux
Abatron Abatron (Abatron)TBA Linux
Abyss: The Wraiths Of Eden Artifex Mundi (Artifex Mundi)2014Linux
Adorables White Rabbit Games (White Rabbit Games)2016Linux
Age of Conquest IV Noble Master Games (Noble Master Games)2016Linux
Akuto: Mad World Hut 90 (Hut 90)2017Linux
Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends Jetdogs Studios (Jetdogs Studios)2014Linux
American Truck Simulator SCS Software (SCS Software)2015Linux
Animated Puzzles Mexond (Mexond)2016Linux
ARK BOX Unlimited PolarityFlow (PolarityFlow)2016Linux
Art Of Gravity Hamster On Coke Games (Hamster On Coke Games)2017Linux
Bloodbath Kavkaz Dagestan Technology (Dagestan Technology)2016Linux
Boozy Dwarf Mizar Games (Mizar Games)2016Linux
Braveland  Tortuga Team (Tortuga Team)2014Linux
Bullshot Gato Salvaje Studio (Gato Salvaje Studio)2016Linux
Chess  baKno Games ( baKno Games )2017Linux
Crystal Shard Adventure Bundle Crystal Shard (Crystal Shard)2016Linux
Cyber Sentinel (
Dash Fleet Back To Basics Gaming ( phime studio)2017Linux
Dead Cells Motion Twin (Motion Twin)2018Linux
Deadlings: Rotten Edition ONE MORE LEVEL (ONE MORE LEVEL)2016Linux
Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD (Defense Zone II Ultra HD) author (author)2016Linux
Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD (Defense Zone II Ultra HD) author (author)?Mac OS X
Demise Of Nations Noble Master Games (Noble Master Games)TBALinux