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High Impact Football  Williams1990Arcade
Mortal Kombat  Bally Midway;Williams (Bally Midway;Williams)1992Arcade
NARC  Williams (Williams)1988Arcade
Smash T.V. (Smash TV)  Williams (Williams)1990Arcade
Strikeforce (Strike Force)  Bally Midway;Williams (Bally Midway;Williams)1991Arcade
Super High Impact Football Williams1991Arcade
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (T2: Judgment Day)  Bally Midway;Williams (Bally Midway;Williams)1991Arcade
Total Carnage (トータルカーネイジ)  Bally Midway (Bally Midway)1992Arcade
Trog  Bally Midway;Williams (Bally Midway;Williams)1990Arcade