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007: NightFire (James Bond 007: NightFire)  Electronic Arts (Eurocom)2002PS2
2002 FIFA World Cup (FIFA 2002 World Cup;Coupe du Monde FIFA 2002;FIFA 2002)  Electronic Arts (EA Sports)2002PS
4-in-1 Quattro Sports (Super Sports Challenge)  Camerica (Codemasters)1991NES
A Nightmare on Elm Street  LJN (Rare)1990NES
AFL Premiership 2005  Sony Computer Entertainment (IR Gurus)2005PS2
AFL Premiership 2006  Sony Computer Entertainment (IR Gurus)2006PS2
AFL Premiership 2007  Sony Computer Entertainment (IR Gurus Interactive)2007PS2
ATP Tour Championship Tennis (ATP Tour)  Sega (Sega)1994Mega Drive
Australian Rugby League (Rugby World Cup '95)  EA Sports (Electronic Arts)1994Mega Drive
Barkley Shut up and Jam! (Charles Barkley Basketball) Ringler;B&C ComputerVisions (Ringler)2002Jaguar
Barkley Shut Up and Jam! 2  Accolade (Accolade)1995Mega Drive
Bill Walsh College Football  Electronic Arts (High Score Productions)1993Mega Drive
Bill Walsh College Football  Electronic Arts (High Score Productions)1993Mega-CD
Bomberman II (Dynablaster;ボンバーマンII)  Hudson (Hudson Soft)1991NES
Break Point Tennis (Break Point;ブレイクポイント)  Ocean;Pack-In-Video (Smart Dog)1996Saturn
Championship Bowling (Boogie Woogie Bowling;ブギウギ・ボーリング)  Mentrix;Visco (Visco)1993Mega Drive
Coach K. College Basketball  EA Sports (Hitmen Productions;Canada)1995Mega Drive
College Football USA 96 (College Football USA '96)  Electronic Arts (High Score Productions)1995Mega Drive
College Football USA 97: The Road to New Orleans  Electronic Arts;EA Sports (Tiburon Entertainment)1996Mega Drive
College Football's National Championship  Sega Sports (BlueSky Software)1994Mega Drive
College Football's National Championship II  Sega Sports (BlueSky Software)1995Mega Drive
College Slam (College Slam '96)  Acclaim Entertainment (Iguana Entertainment)1996Mega Drive
Columns III: Revenge of Columns (Super Columns;コラムスIII 対決!コラムスワールド;컬럼스3)  Sega;Vic Tokai (Sega)1994Mega Drive
Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat  Tradewest Sports (Rare)1992NES
Davis Cup Tennis Tour II (Davis Cup World Tour Tennis 2)  ? (Virtual Studio)?Mega Drive