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8 Eyes (エイト・アイズ;Eight Eyes;8 Eye's)  Seta;Taxan (Thinking Rabbit)1988NES
Abomination: The Nemesis Project (Abomination;Abomination: O Projeto Nêmesis)  Eidos Interactive (Hothouse Creations)1999Windows
Abuse  Electronic Arts (Crack dot Com)1994MS-DOS
Abuse  Alive Mediasoft (Crack dot Com)1998Amiga AGA
Abuse  Bungie (Crack dot Com)1996Mac OS Classic
Abuse  R-Comp Interactive (Crack dot Com)1996Archimedes
Abuse author (Crack dot Com)2008GP2X
Abuse (fRaBs;fRee aBuse)  Origin;Red Hat (Crack dot Com)1995Linux
Abuse (fRaBs;fRee aBuse) Wildcard Design (Crack dot Com)1998BeOS
Abuse (fRaBs;fRee aBuse) Origin;Red Hat (Crack dot Com)1995Unix
Abuse (fRaBs;fRee aBuse) ? (?)?BSD
After Reset RPG  Black Cloud Studios (Black Cloud Studios)2015Linux
Afterfall: InSanity (Afterfall. Тень прошлого;Afterfall: Ten proshlogo;Afterfall: Shadow of the Past)  Nicolas Games;The Games Company;1C Company (Nicolas Intoxicate)2011Windows
Alien Earth  Playmates Interactive Entertainment;Melbourne House (Beam Software)1998Windows
Alien Rampage Piko Interactive (Inner Circle Creations)2017Linux
Apocalypse 2021 EAG (EAG)1991Apple II E
Aquaria  Humble Indie Bundle (Bit Blot)2010Linux
Aquaria  Bit Blot (Bit Blot)2007Windows
Aquaria ? (?)2015BSD
AREA-51 (Area 51)  Midway (Midway Games Austin)2005Windows
AREA-51 (Area 51)  Midway (Midway Games Austin)2005PS2
AREA-51 (Area 51) Midway (Midway Games Austin)2005Xbox
Astromilon Continental Software (Continental Software)1984Memotech MTX
Attack of the Mutant Camels  Llamasoft (Llamasoft)1983C64
Attack of the Mutant Camels  Llamasoft;Mastertronic (Llamasoft;Mastertronic)1984Atari 400/800