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Abscam  GL (GL)1981Arcade
Ali Baba and 40 Thieves  Sega (Sega)1982Arcade
Beastie Feastie  Epos (Epos)1984Arcade
Cannon Ball  Novomatic (Novomatic)?Arcade
Caterpillar  Phi (Phi)1982Arcade
Crush Roller (Make Trax)  Kural;Williams (Kural;Williams)1981Arcade
Dream Shopper  Sanritsu (Sanritsu)1982Arcade
Driving Force  Shinkai (Shinkai)1984Arcade
Eggor  Telko (Telko)1983Arcade
Eight Ball Action  Magic Electronics (Seatongrove)1985Arcade
Eyes  Rock-Ola;Digitrex ;Techstar (Rock-Ola;Digitrex ;Techstar)1982Arcade
Gorkans (Mr. TNT)  Techstar (Techstar)1983Arcade
Jump Shot  Bally Midway (Bally Midway)1985Arcade
Lizard Wizard  Techstar (Techstar)1985Arcade
Ms. Pac-Man (Ms. Pacman)  Bally Midway;Namco (Bally Midway;Namco)1981Arcade
MTV Rock-n-Roll Trivia  Triumph Software1986Arcade
Naughty Mouse  Amenip;Nova Games (Amenip;Nova Games)1981Arcade
Piranha  US Billiards (GL)1981Arcade
Ponpoko  Sigma Enterprises (Sigma Enterprises)1982Arcade
Porky  Shinkai (Shinkai)1985Arcade
Van Van Car  Sanritsu (Sanritsu)1983Arcade
Woodpecker  Amenip (Amenip)1981Arcade