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Agent GDO - Invasion  Flissoft (Flissoft)2014Linux
Agent USA  Lothlorien (Lothlorien)2001Windows
Agent USA (Agent U.S.A.;美國特務)  Scholastic (Tom Snyder Productions)1984Apple II E
Agent USA (Agent U.S.A.)  Scholastic (Tom Snyder Productions)1984C64
Agent USA (Agent U.S.A.)  Scholastic (Tom Snyder Productions)1985MS-DOS
Agent USA (Agent U.S.A.)  Scholastic (Tom Snyder Productions)1984Atari 400/800
Path of the Agent  Flissoft (Flissoft)2014Linux
Plague Inc: Evolved Ndemic Creations (Ndemic Creations)2016Linux
Prototype  Activision (Radical Entertainment)2009Windows
Prototype  Activision (Radical Entertainment)2009PS3
Prototype  Activision (Radical Entertainment)2009X360
Solstice Chronicles: MIA  Nkidu (Ironward )2017Windows
Trapped Dead  Headup Games;Iceberg Interactive (Crenetic Studios)2011Windows
Trapped Dead: Lockdown Headup Games (Bigmoon Studios)2015Linux