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Crazy Taxi High Roller  Sega (Sega)2003Arcade
Ghost Squad Sega2004Arcade
Gundam Battle Operating Simulator Banpresto2005Arcade
MJ 2 Sega2003Arcade
Ollie King Sega2004Arcade
OutRun2 (OutRun 2; Out Run 2)  Sega (AM2)2003Arcade
OutRun2 SP (OutRun 2 SP; Out Run 2 SP) Sega (Sega)2004Arcade
Quest of D Sega (Sega)2004Arcade
Sega Golf Club Network Pro Tour Sega2005Arcade
The House of the Dead III (The House of the Dead 3)  Sega (WOW Entertainment)2002Arcade
Virtua Cop 3 Sega (Sega)2003Arcade