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Bon Bon Paradise Japan Software Engineering Shop (Electronic Music and Animated Graphics)1997MS-DOS
Epic Pinball (Fliper)  Epic Megagames;WizardWorks Software;xLand Games (Digital Extremes;Gold Medallion Software)1993MS-DOS
Grand Prix 2 (World Circuit Racing Grand Prix II)  MicroProse;Brasoft Produtos de Informátic (MicroProse)1995MS-DOS
Michael Jordan in Flight Electronic Arts (Pacific Gameworks;ZCT Systems Group)1993MS-DOS
Screamer (Bleifuss)  Virgin (Graffiti)1995MS-DOS
Star Trek - The Next Generation: A Final Unity  Spectrum Holobyte;MicroProse Software (Spectrum Holobyte)1995MS-DOS
Violent Vengeance: The Universe Hero SKC Soft Land;Soft-World (Accend)1995MS-DOS