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- Arcane Raise - ArcaneRaise (ArcaneRaise)2015Linux
! That Dick Trying To Steal Our Gold ! (! That Bastard Is Trying To Steal Our Gold !) WTFOMGames (WTFOMGames)2014Linux
! That Dick Trying To Steal Our Gold ! (! That Bastard Is Trying To Steal Our Gold !)  WTFOMGames (WTFOMGames)2014Windows
.EXE Two Man Army Games (Two Man Army Games)2016Linux
.EXE  Two Man Army Games (Two Man Army Games)2016Windows
'n Verlore Verstand Skobbejak Games (Skobbejak Games)2016Linux
(un)Lucky7 (Unlucky7)  Asylum Creatures (Asylum Creatures)TBALinux
#monstercakes Paleno Games (Paleno Games)2017Linux
< /reality > Fancy Fish Games (Fancy Fish Games)2016Linux
>observer_  Aspyr Media (Bloober Team)2017Windows
❝Bendy and the Ink Machine❞ ('Bendy and the Ink Machine') the Meatly Games (the Meatly Games)2017Linux
0RBITALIS Mastertronic (Mastertronic)2015Linux
0RBITALIS (Orbitalis)  Mastertronic (author)2014Windows
10,000,000 (10000000)  EightyEightGames (EightyEightGames)2013Windows
10,000,000 (10000000) EightyEightGames (EightyEightGames)2013Mac OS X
1000 Amps  author (author)2012Windows
1000 Amps author (author)2012Mac OS X
10000000 (10,000,000;10 Million) EightyEightGames (EightyEightGames)2013Linux
1001 Spikes  Nicalis (Nicalis)2014Windows
1001 Spikes Nicalis (Nicalis)2014Mac OS X
1001 Spikes Nicalis (Nicalis)2014Linux
12 is Better Than 6 Ink Stains Games;Pinkapp Games (Ink Stains Games)2015Linux
12 is Better Than 6  HypeTrain Digital (Ink Stains Games)2015Windows
12 Labours of Hercules Jetdogs Studios (Jetdogs Studios;Zoom Out Games)2015Linux
12 Labours of Hercules II: The Cretan Bull Jetdogs Studios (Jetdogs Studios;Zoom Out Games)2015Linux