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_summer ## (アンダーバーサマー ダブルシャープ;Underbar Summer Double Sharp)  GN Software (GN Software)2006PS2
-PP- Pianissimo (ぴあにっしも あやつりにんぎょうのりんぶ;Pianissimo ~ Ayatsuri Ningyou no Rinbu ~;PP -Pianissimo- Ayatsuri Ningyou no Rinbu)  Innocent Grey (Innocent Grey)2006Windows
:Loop - Izanahi no Kaikiten (Loop - Regress Points of Invitation;:LOOP ~いざなひの回帰点~)  Grocer (Grocer)1995NEC PC9801
.heartbeats  author (author)2012Linux
.heartbeats  author (author)2012Windows
(P)lanets - the life of normalcy has ended! (Planets - the life of normalcy has ended!) Teacup (Teacup)2011Linux
(P)lanets - the life of normalcy has ended! (Planets - the life of normalcy has ended!) ((P)lanets)  Teacup (Teacup)2011Windows
[ASH] the Seeds of Destruction (ASH the Seeds of Destruction) PaperDoor Studios (PaperDoor Studios)2015Linux
[redacted] Life Katy133 (Katy133)2016Linux
@Camelia Girls  Studio TT Petok;Pigux Productions (Studio TT Petok;Pigux Productions)2010Linux
/r/furry neonthewolf (neonthewolf)2017Linux
< /reality > Fancy Fish Games (Fancy Fish Games)2016Linux
<3 Mole-chan (Mole-chan)2009Linux
<3 Moleworks (Moleworks)2009Windows
>Start >Fight >Run  Bento Smile (Bento Smile)2011Windows
~Miyako~ Awayuki no Utage (雅恋~MIYAKO~あわゆきのうたげ;~MIYAKO~ Awayuki no Utage - Regular Edition;雅恋~MIYAKO~あわゆきのうたげ 通常版)  ? (Sanctuary)2012PSP
1 Billion Rupiah Girl EVE PROJECT (EVE PROJECT)2010Linux
1 Billion Rupiah Girl  EVE PROJECT (EVE PROJECT)2010Windows
110 ~Sanfujinka Shikeishuu Byouin Jack~ Download Edition (110 ~産婦人科 死刑囚 病院ジャック~ ダウンロード版)  G.J? (G.J?)2014Windows
12.31.12 HERO Prologue flowchart media (flowchart media)2012Linux
12nin no Onna Kyoushi Re-Innovation -In- (十二人の女教師 RE-INNOVATION 「陰」;12nin no Onna Kyoushi Re-Innovation -In-;十二人の女教師 RE-INNOVATION 「陰」)  Carmine (Carmine)2007Windows
12Riven: The Psi-Climinal of Integral (12RIVEN: the Ψcliminal of integral)  CyberFront;SDR Project (CyberFront;KID)2008PS2
12RIVEN: the Ψcliminal of integral  CyberFront;SDR Project (CyberFront;KID)2008Windows
2069AD (2069 AD)  Home Data (Home Data)1991NEC PC9801
2nd Teen Story: X-mas CreaNyu (CreaNyu)2011Linux