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Against the Gradient Cogent Education (Cogent Education)2017Linux
Agenda Exordium Games (Exordium Games)2016Linux
Albion Online Sandbox Interactive (Sandbox Interactive)TBA Linux
Albion Online Sandbox Interactive (Sandbox Interactive)TBA Mac OS X
Albion Online Sandbox Interactive (Sandbox Interactive)TBA Windows
Ant-gravity: Tiny's Adventure SharkByte Studio (SharkByte Studio)2016Linux
Ant-gravity: Tiny's Adventure SharkByte Studio (SharkByte Studio)2016Mac OS X
Apocalypse: The Game Harley Game Studios (Harley Game Studios)2017Linux
Axes and Acres BrainGoodGames (BrainGoodGames)2016Linux
BANG BANG BANG! author (author)2016Linux
Best Buds (Best Buds vs. Bad Guys) Plug In Digital (Super Icon)2016Linux
Bloody Mice  Tower Up Studios ( Tower Up Studios )2017Linux
Blue-Collar Astronaut Mutated Software ( Mutated Software )2017Linux
Bottom of the 9th  Handelabra Games ( Handelabra Games)2017Linux
Call Of The Mighty Warriors Camaquem (Camaquem)2017Linux
Call Of The Mighty Warriors Camaquem (Camaquem)2017Mac OS X
Card City Nights 2 Ludosity Interactive (Ludosity Interactive)2017Linux
Card City Nights 2 Ludosity Interactive (Ludosity Interactive)2017Mac OS X
Colonies Online Iron Bit (Iron Bit)TBA Windows
Cosmic Express Draknek (Cosmic Engineers)2017Linux
Darwin's Demons Polymorphic Games;University of Idaho (Polymorphic Games )2017Linux
Dead Army - Radio Frequency Skyjaz Games (Skyjaz Games)2016Linux
Dream Dealer Eternity Studios (Eternity Studios)2016Linux
Duskers  Misfits Attic (Misfits Attic)2016Windows
Duskers Misfits Attic (Misfits Attic)2016Linux