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Freeway (Freeway Chicken;Freeway Rabbit;Bloody Human Freeway;Das verrueckte Huhn)  Activision;Zellers;CCE;Milmar;Dactari;Ariola (Activision)1981Atari 2600
Ice Hockey (Eishockey-Fieber;Le Hockey Sur Glace;Eishockey)  Activision;Quelle;CCE;Ariola;Bit Corporation (Activision)1981Atari 2600
Kaboom! (Schneller als der Knall)  Activision;CCE;Ariola (Activision)1981Atari 2600
Laser Blast (Lazer;Duell im Weltall)  Activision;CCE;Ariola (Activision)1981Atari 2600
Stampede (Super-Cowboy beim Rodeo;Rodeo Champ;Lasso-Helden)  Activision;Bit Corp;Ariola;Intellivision;Canal 3;Quelle (Activision)1981Atari 2600
Tennis (Le Tennis)  Activision;CCE;Ariola;Milmar;Dactari;Star Game;Home Vision;Gem International Corp;Zirok;Pet Boat (Activision)1981Atari 2600