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Artillery (Artillary)  The Portland IBM Personal Computer Club (The Portland IBM Personal Computer Club)1982MS-DOS
Attack  IBM (IBM)1982MS-DOS
Casino Games  IBM (IBM)1982MS-DOS
Crossfire  On-Line Systems;IBM (On-Line Systems;IBM)1982MS-DOS
IBM PC Blackjack (CCII Blackjack;Blackjack;Key-Punch BlackJack)  IBM;Bahre-Datentechnik;International PC Owners (IBM;Bahre-Datentechnik;International PC Owners)1982MS-DOS
Maxit (Max-It)  IBM (IBM)1982MS-DOS
Rocket Lander (Lunar Lander)  IBM (IBM)1982MS-DOS
Target  IBM (IBM)1982MS-DOS
Zap'em  IBM (IBM)1982MS-DOS