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A Mazing World of Malcom Mortar (Malcom Mortar)  Tandy (ZCT Systems Group;Gamestar)1987Tandy Coco
Arkenoid (Arkanoid) Tandy (Tandy)1987Tandy Coco
Springster Tandy (Spectral Associates)1987Tandy Coco
Sub Battle Simulator Epyx;Tandy (Digital Illusions)1987Tandy Coco
Tetris (Тетрис;ТЕТРИ☭;ТЕТРИІС) Radio Shack;Tandy (Academy Soft-ELORG)1987Tandy Coco
Thexder Tandy;Radio Shack (Synergistic Software)1987Tandy Coco
Zone Runner Tandy (Tandy)1987Tandy Coco