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Altered Beast  Activision (Software Studios)1989Amiga
Altered Beast  Activision (Software Studios)1989C64
Altered Beast  Activision (Software Studios)1989Atari ST
Altered Beast  Activision (The Soft Option)1989Amstrad CPC
Altered Beast  Activision (The Soft Option)1989ZX Spectrum
Altered Beast  Activision (New Frontier)1989MSX
Apache Strike  Activision (FACS Entertainment Software)1989C64
Apache Strike  Activision (FACS Entertainment Software)1989MS-DOS
Archon  Activision (Bullet Proof Software)1989NES
Arthur: The Quest for Excalibur (The Lost Treasures of Infocom II) Infocom;Activision (Infocom)1989Mac OS Classic
ATF Stealth Fighter (Stealth ATF)  Activision;Mattel (Imagineering)1989NES
Beyond Dark Castle  Activision;Silicon Beach Software (Midnight Oil)1989Amiga
Beyond Dark Castle  Activision (Activision)1989C64
Bomber Raid (ボンバーレイド)  Activision;Sega (Sanritsu)1989Master System
Deathtrack  Activision (Dynamix)1989MS-DOS
Die Hard  Activision (Dynamix)1989MS-DOS
Double Dragon  Activision (Imagineering)1989Atari 7800
Double Dragon (ダブルドラゴン)  Activision;CCE (Activision;CCE)1989Atari 2600
Dynamite Dux (Dynamite Düx)  Activision (Core Design)1989Amiga
Dynamite Dux (Dynamite Düx)  Activision (Core Design)1989C64
Dynamite Dux (Dynamite Düx)  Activision (Core Design)1989Atari ST
Dynamite Dux (Dynamite Düx)  Activision (Core Design)1989Amstrad CPC
Dynamite Dux (Dynamite Düx)  Activision (Core Design)1989ZX Spectrum
Face Off!  Activision;Gamestar (MindSpan)1989MS-DOS
Fighter Bomber (Strike Aces)  Activision (Vektor Grafix)1989C64