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Fish Rainbird Software (Magnetic Scrolls)1989Amstrad PCW
Fish!  Rainbird (Magnetic Scrolls)1989ZX Spectrum 128
Jinxter Rainbird (Magnetic Scrolls)1989Archimedes
Myth  Magnetic Scrolls (Magnetic Scrolls)1989Amiga
Myth  Magnetic Scrolls (Magnetic Scrolls)1989Atari ST
Myth  Magnetic Scrolls (Magnetic Scrolls)1989C64
Myth  Magnetic Scrolls (Magnetic Scrolls)1989MS-DOS
Myth Rainbird (Magnetic Scrolls)1989ZX Spectrum 128
The Guild of Thieves Rainbird (Magnetic Scrolls)1989Archimedes
The Guild of Thieves  Rainbird (Magnetic Scrolls)1989Amstrad PCW
The Pawn Rainbird (Magnetic Scrolls)1989Archimedes