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Atomic Robo-Kid  Activision (Software Studios)1990Amiga
Atomic Robo-Kid  Activision (Activision)1990C64
Atomic Robo-Kid  Activision (Software Studios)1990Atari ST
Bomber Activision1990Amstrad CPC
Boxing (Heavyweight Championship Boxing)  Tonkin House;Activision (Tose)1990GB
Cosmic Osmo Activision (Cyan)1990Mac OS Classic
Cosmic Osmo and the Worlds Beyond the Mackerel Activision (Cyan Productions)1990Mac OS Classic
Die Hard  Activision (Silent Software)1990C64
Dragon Breed  Activision1990ZX Spectrum
Dragon Breed  Activision (Arc Developments)1990Amiga
Dragon Breed  Activision (Arc Developments)1990Atari ST
Dragon Breed  Activision1990Amstrad CPC
Dragon Breed  Activision (Digital Design)1990C64
F-14 Tomcat  Activision (Activision)1990MS-DOS
Fighter Bomber  Activision (Vektor Grafix)1990Amiga
Fighter Bomber  Activision (Vektor Grafix)1990Atari ST
Fighter Bomber  Activision (Vektor Grafix)1990Amstrad CPC
Fighter Bomber (Bomber)  Activision (Activision)1990ZX Spectrum
Galaxy Force II (Galaxy Force)  Activision (Probe Software)1990C64
Ghostbusters II  Activision (Foursfield)1990Amiga
Ghostbusters II  Activision (Dynamix)1990MS-DOS
Ghostbusters II (Ghostbusters 2)  Activision;Gradiente (Imagineering)1990NES
Ghostbusters II (ゴーストバスターズ2)  Activision;HAL Laboratory (HAL Laboratory)1990GB
Grave Yardage  Activision (Incredible Technologies)1990C64
Hammerfist  Activision (Vivid Image)1990ZX Spectrum