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Atomic Robokid  Activision (Activision)1991ZX Spectrum
Beast Busters  Activision;SNK (Images Design)1991Amiga
Beast Busters Activision;SNK (Images Design)1991Atari ST
Bush Buck: A Global Treasure Hunt (Bush Buck: Eine Weltweite Schatzsuche)  Activision (Microïds)1991Amiga
Bush Buck: Global Treasure Hunter (Bush Buck: La Course au Trésor;Bush Buck: Eine weltweite Schatzsuche)  Activision (PC Globe)1991MS-DOS
Deuteros  Activision (Activision)1991Amiga
Deuteros  Activision (Activision)1991Atari ST
Die Hard (ダイハード;Duro de Matar;ダイ・ハード)  Activision;Playtronic;Pack-In-Video (Activision)1991NES
Flight of the Intruder  Mindscape;activision (Imagineering)1991NES
Galaxy 5000 (Galaxy 5000: Racing in the 51st Century;Galaxy 5000 Tomahawk X-27 Blueprint)  Activision (Activision)1991NES
Hunter  Activision (Activision)1991Amiga
Hunter  Activision (Activision)1991Atari ST
Popeye 2  Sigma Enterprises;Activision (Sigma Enterprises;Activision)1991GB
R-Type II  Activision (Irem)1991Atari ST
R-Type II (R-Type 2)  Activision (Arc Developments)1991Amiga
Sargon V: World Class Chess  Activision (Activision)1991MS-DOS
Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye Activision (Activision)1991Mac OS Classic
The Manhole (マンホール)  Activision (Cyan Worlds)1991PCE CD