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Brandish (ブランディッシュ)  NEC (Falcom)1991PCE CD
Buster Bros. (Pomping World)  Hudson;NEC (Hudson Soft)1991PCE CD
Daisenpu Custom  NEC Interchannel (NEC Interchannel)1991PCE CD
Deisenpu Custom  Nec Avenue (Nec Avenue)1991PCE CD
Download 2 (Download II;ダウンロード2)  NEC Avenue (Alfa System)1991PCE CD
Genji Tsuushin Agedama  NEC (NEC)1991PCE
Hellfire S (Hellfire: The Another Story)  NEC Avenue (Toaplan)1991PCE CD
Impossamole NEC (Gremlin Interactive Limited)1991PCE
Impossimole  NEC;Gremlin Graphics (NEC;Gremlin Graphics)1991PCE
Morita Shogi PC  NEC (NEC)1991PCE
Necromancer Chess  Necromancer Software Systems (Necromancer Software Systems)1991MS-DOS
Quiz Avenue  NEC Avenue (NEC Avenue)1991PCE CD
Quiz Avenue II (クイズアベニューII)  NEC Avenue (NEC Avenue)1991PCE CD
Space Fantasy Zone  Sega (NEC)1991PCE CD
Time Cruise (Time Cruise II)  Face;NEC (Sankindo)1991PCE
Zack!  Art Edition;Abyss Connection (Abyss Connection)1991C64