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21 Emon Mezasehoteru O (21-Emon - Mezase Hotel Ou!!)  NEC (NEC)1993PCE
Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure CD  NEC (RED Entertainment)1993PCE CD
CAL II (Cal 2;キャル2)  Birdy Soft;NEC Avenue (Birdy Soft)1993PCE CD
CAL II (キャルツー;キャル2;CAL II;キャルツー)  NEC Avenue (Birdy Soft)1993PCE
Horror Story (ホラーストーリー;Demon's World)  NEC Avenue (Toaplan)1993PCE CD
Magicoal  NEC (NEC)1993PCE CD
Mahjong on the Beach (麻雀オンザビーチ)  NEC Avenue (Home Data)1993PCE CD
Metamor Jupiter (メタモジュピター)  NEC;Flight Plan (Flight-Plan)1993PCE CD
Moonlight Lady  NEC Avenue (NEC)1993PCE CD
Nemurenu Yoru No Chiisana Ohanashi (眠れぬ夜の小さなお話)  NEC Home Electronics (NEC)1993PCE CD
Sotsugyou: Graduation  NEC Avenue;Headroom (Tenky)1993PCE CD
Street Fighter II' Champion Edition  NEC (Capcom)1993PCE
Super Darius II (スーパーダライアスII)  Nec (A-Wave)1993PCE CD
Tanjou -DEBUT- (誕生 -Debut-)  NEC (NEC)1993NEC PC9801
Xak III: The Eternal Recurrence Micro Cabin;NEC (Micro Cabin;NEC)1993FM Towns