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Aegekai no Shizuku (エーゲ海の雫)  Illusion Core (Illusion Core)1995NEC PC9801
Ai no Omochashi: Space Gigolo - Red Cobra (Red Cobra - Ai no Omochashi - Space Gigolo;レッドコブラ;Red Cobra)  Illusion (Illusion)1995NEC PC9801
Flight of The Amazon Queen (FOTAQ;Полет Королевы Амазонок;Poljot Korolevy Amazonok;הרפתקאות מלכת האמזונות;Harpatkaot Malkat ha-Amazonot)  Time Warner;Renegade Software (Binary Illusions)1995Amiga
Flight of the Amazon Queen (FOTAQ;הרפתקאות מלכת האמזונות;Harpatkaot Malkat ha-Amazonot)  Renegade Software;Warner Interactive Entertainment (Interactive Binary Illusions)1995MS-DOS
Kankin (監禁)  Illusion (Illusion)1995NEC PC9801
Pinball Dreams  GameTek;Digital Illusions (Spidersoft)1995Game Gear
Pinball Fantasies (ピンボールファンタジーズ)  Spidersoft (Digital Illusions)1995Jaguar
Pinball Illusions Digital Illusions (Digital Illusions)1995MS-DOS
Scooby-Doo Mystery (Scooby-Doo in Ha-Ha Carnival)  Acclaim Entertainment;Sunsoft (Illusions Gaming Company)1995Mega Drive
True Pinball (Tekkyu True Pinball;鉄球トゥルー・ピンボール)  Ocean;Gaga Communications (Digital Illusions)1995Saturn