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Akazukin Chacha: Osawagase! Panic Race! (Lil' Red Riding Hood CHA-CHA)  NEC (NEC)1996PC-FX
Angelique Special 2 (アンジェリークSpecial 2)  NEC HE (Koei)1996PC-FX
Anime Freak FX Vol. 3 (Anime Freak FX Volume 3;アニメフリークFX vol.3)  NEC HE (HuneX)1996PC-FX
Bizarre de Gozarre no Game de Gozarre (バザールでござーるのゲームでござーる)  NEC (Game Freak)1996PCE CD
Blue Breaker (Blue Breaker ~Ken yori mo Hohoemi o~)  Hunex;NEC HE (HuneX)1996PC-FX
Blue Chicago Blues  Riverhill Soft;NEC HE (Riverhill Soft;NEC HE)1996PC-FX
Chip Chan Kick!(チップちゃんキィーック)  NEC HE (NEC)1996PC-FX
Classmates 2 (Doukyuusei 2;同級生 2)  Elf;NEC Avenue (Elf)1996PC-FX
De-Ja (De Ja)  NEC Interchannel;Elf (Elf)1996PCE CD
Der Langrisser FX  NEC HE (NCS)1996PC-FX
Detective Ladies (Ojousama Sousamou)  Head Room;NEC HE (Fill in Cafe)1996PC-FX
Doukyuusei If (同級生 〜if〜)  NEC (Elf)1996Saturn
Dousoukai: Yesterday Once More  NEC Interchannel (F&C FC01;Fairytale)1996Windows
Farland Story FX (ファーランドストーリーFX)  NEC HE (TGL Micro)1996PC-FX
Fire Woman Matoi-gumi (ファイアーウーマン纏組)  Tokuma Shoten;NEC HE (HuneX)1996PC-FX
Fushigi no Kuni no Angelique (ふしぎの国のアンジェリーク;Angelique In Wonderland)  NEC HE (Koei)1996PC-FX
Go! Go! Birdie Chance (Go!Go!バーディーチャンス)  NEC Home Electronics (HuneX)1996PCE CD
Kokuu Hyouryo Nirgends (Kokuu Hyouryuu Nirgends;虚空漂流ニルゲンツ)  Micro Cabin;NEC HE (Micro Cabin)1996PC-FX
Madou Monogatari: Hono No Sotsuengo (魔導物語I 炎の卒園児)  NEC Interchannel (Compile)1996PCE CD
Megami Paradise II (Megami Paradise 2;Megami Tengoku II)  NEC HE (NEC HE)1996PC-FX
Miraculum: The Last Revelation  RayForce;NEC HE (RayForce)1996PC-FX
Power Dolls FX (Power Doll-S FX - Detachment of Limited Line Service)  NEC HE (Kogado Studio)1996PC-FX
Puyo Puyo TSU CD (ぷよぷよ通CD;Puyo Puyo CD 2)  NEC (Compile)1996PCE CD
Shanghai: The Great Wall  Activision;NEC HE (Activision;NEC HE)1996PC-FX
SWIV 3D: Temperate Zone  Packard Bell NEC (Sales Curve)1996Windows