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A Bug's Life (バグズ・ライフ;Ötökän Elämää)  Activision;Disney (Traveller's Tales)1999N64
A Collection of Classic Games from the Intellivision (Intellivision Classics;Intellivision Classic Games)  Activision (Learning Technologies Interactive)1999PS
Alundra 2 (Alundra 2: Mashinka no Nazo;アランドラ2 魔進化の謎;Alundra 2 - A New Legend Begins;Alundra 2 - Der Beginn einer neuen Legende;Alundra 2 - Une légende est née)  Sony Computer Entertainment;Activision (Contrail)1999PS
Asteroids  Activision (Syrox Developments)1999GBC
Asteroids Hyper 64 (アステロイド・ハイパー)  Activision (Syrox)1999N64
Battlezone II: Combat Commander (Battlezone 2;BZ2)  Activision (Pandemic Studios)1999Windows
Beneath Activision (Presto Studios)1999Windows
Big Game Hunter 2 Activision (Head Games)1999Windows
Blue Stinger (ブルースティンガー)  Sega;Activision (Climax)1999Dreamcast
Civilization: Call to Power (CivCTP) Activision (Activision)1999Windows
Disney's Tarzan (Tarzan)  Activision;Syscom;Disney Interactive (Digital Eclipse)1999GBC
Extreme Bullrider Activision (Activision)1999Windows
Extreme Watersports Activision (Activision)1999Windows
Fighter Squadron (Fighter Squadron: The Screaming Demons over Europe;Fighter Squadron: The Screamin' Demons Over Europe) Activision (Parsoft)1999Windows
Heavy Gear II (Heavy Gear 2;HG2) Activision (Activision)1999Windows
Interstate '82 (I82) Activision (Activision)1999Windows
Jack Nicklaus 6: Golden Bear Challenge  Activision (Hypnos Entertainment)1999Windows
Medicopter 117 THQ (Interactivision)1999Windows
MTV Music Generator (Music 2000)  Codemasters;Activision1999PS
NBA Basketball 2000 Activision (Fox Sports)1999Windows
NHL Championship 2000 Fox Sports Interactive;Activision (Fox Sports Interactive;Activision)1999Windows
Quake II (Quake 2)  Activision (Hammerhead)1999PS
Quake II (Quake 2)  Activision (Raster Productions)1999N64
Quake III: Arena (Quake 3;Q3A;Quake III Arena)  Activision (id Software)1999Windows
Shanghai Mini  SNK (Activision)1999Neo Geo Pocket Color