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Barbie Race and Ride (Barbie Aventure Equestre)  Mattel;Sony Computer Entertainment (Runecraft)1999PS
Barbie Super Sports (Barbie Sports Extrême)  Mattel;Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (Runecraft)1999PS
Black/Matrix AD (Black Matrix AD;Black/Matrix Advanced;ブラックマトリクスAD;Black Matrix A-D)  NEC (NEC)1999Dreamcast
Caesars Palace II  Interplay (RuneCraft)1999GBC
Dead of the Brain (Dead of the Brain 1 & 2)  NEC (Fairytale)1999PCE CD
Espion-Age-Nts (Industrial Spy: Operation Espionage)  UFO Interactive (NEC)1999Dreamcast
Favorite Dear (フェイバリットディア)  NEC (NEC Interchannel)1999PS
Friends: Seishun no Kagayaki (フレンズ ~青春の輝き~) NEC Interchannel (NEC Interchannel)1999Saturn
JailBreaker  NEC (NEC)1999PS
Sengoku Turb F.I.D NEC1999Dreamcast
Silent Bomber  Bandai;Virgin Interactive;Play it! (CyberConnect2)1999PS
With You: Mitsumete Itai (WithYou ~みつめていたい~)  NEC Interchannel (NEC Interchannel)1999Saturn