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.hack//Outbreak Part 3 (.hack//侵食汚染 Vol.3;.hack//Shinshoku Osen Vol. 3;Dot Hack: Outbreak)  Bandai (CyberConnect2)2002PS2
Air (ベスト版)  NEC (NEC)2002PS2
Black/Matrix II (Black Matrix 2)  NEC (Flight-Plan)2002PS2
Black/Matrix Zero (Black Matrix Zero;BM0;BlackMatrix Zero;ブラックマトリクス ゼロ)  NEC Interchannel (Flight-Plan)2002GBA
Culdcept (Culdcept II Expansion;カルドセプト セカンド エキスパンション;Culdcept Second Expansion)  NEC Interchannel;Sega (OmiyaSoft)2002PS2
Dousoukai 2: Again & Refrain  NEC (NEC)2002Dreamcast
Elysion  NEC (NEC)2002Dreamcast
Kanon (カノン)  NEC (NEC)2002PS2
Mizuiro  NEC (NekoNeko Soft)2002Dreamcast
Monopoly Party  Infogrames (Runecraft)2002GameCube
Monopoly Party  Infogrames (Runecraft)2002Xbox
Monopoly Party Infogrames (Runecraft)2002PS2
Pandora no Yume  NEC2002Dreamcast
Scrabble  Ubi Soft (Runecraft)2002GBC
Scrabble (Scrabble Original)  Ubi Soft (Runecraft)2002GBA
Super Bubble Pop  Jaleco (Runecraft)2002GBA
Super Bubble Pop Jaleco (Runecraft)2002Xbox