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1942: First Strike Capcom (Capcom )2010iOS
Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth  Capcom (Capcom)2010Nintendo DS
Capcom Arcade Capcom (Capcom )2010iOS
Dark Void  Capcom (Airtight Games)2010X360
Dark Void  Capcom (Airtight Games)2010PS3
Dark Void  Capcom (Airtight Games)2010Windows
Dark Void Zero Capcom (Other Ocean Interactive)2010Nintendo DS
Dark Void Zero  Capcom (Other Ocean Interactive)2010Windows
Dark Void Zero Capcom ( )2010iOS
Dark Void: Survivor Missions Capcom (Airtight Games)2010X360
Dark Void: Survivor Missions Capcom (Airtight Games)2010PS3
Dead Rising Capcom (Capcom )2010iOS
Dead Rising 2  Capcom (Blue Castle Games)2010Windows
Dead Rising 2  Capcom (Blue Castle Games)2010PS3
Dead Rising 2  Capcom (Blue Castle Games)2010X360
Final Fight: Double Impact Capcom (Capcom)2010PS3
Final Fight: Double Impact  Capcom (Capcom)2010X360
Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (Ghost Trick;ゴースト トリック)  Capcom (Capcom)2010Nintendo DS
Ghosts 'N Goblins: Gold Knights II  Capcom (Capcom)2010iOS
God of War: Ghost of Sparta  Sony Computer Entertainment;Capcom (Ready at Dawn;SCE Santa Monica)2010PSP
Hatchlings Capcom ( )2010iOS
Last Ranker  Capcom (Capcom)2010PSP
Lil' Pirates Capcom (IUGO Mobile )2010iOS
Lost Planet 2  Capcom (Capcom)2010Windows
Lost Planet 2  Capcom (Capcom)2010X360