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Aftercharge Chainsawesome Games (Chainsawesome Games)2019
Alvastia Chronicles KEMCO (EXE-CREATE)2019
Animal Super Squad Digerati (DoubleMoose Games)2019
Anthem Electronic Arts (BioWare)2019
Borderlands 3 2K Games (IPerion)2019
Dying Light 2 Techland Publishing (Techland)2019
Gears 5 Microsoft Studios (Microsoft Studios)2019
Genesis Alpha One Team17 (Radiation Blue)2019
Kingdom Hearts III Square Enix (Square Enix)2019
Metro Exodus Deep Silver (4A Games)2019
Session Crea-ture Studios (Crea-ture Studios)2019
Skull & Bones Ubisoft (Ubisoft Singapore)2019
SPIKE VOLLEYBALL  Bigben Interactive (Black Sheep)2019
Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Ubisoft (Massive Entertainment)2019
Trials Rising Ubisoft (RedLynx;Ubisoft Kiev)2019